How do I get paid?

You can request a payment once your RocketLinks balance is at least 30€. An invoice will be automatically generated for the corresponding amount, and the transfer will be completed between the 1st and the 15th of the month following your request.

For the invoices to be correctly generated, please make sure that your profile information in complete, namely:

  • if you pay VAT
  • you address
  • if you are a company

When you generate your invoice there is an empty field where you can specify extra information which you may need.

Before generating the invoicec you must check the draft and validate it.

Example: You want to withdraw your balance of 80€; if you pay French VAT, you will have sold the link for 66,89€ and paid 13,11€ in VAT. If you do not pay VAT, you will have sold the link for 80€.


PayPal Fees

Thanks to the number of payments we generate, we were able to negociate lower fees for our users. You now pay 1,96% of the transaction instead of the 3,4% + 0,25€ previously paid. The only difference is that these fees are directly invoiced to us, se we have to deduct them from your payments.



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