Why am I not allowed to contact an advertiser directly?

Reason #1: Our advertisers use RocketLinks for a reason

Most of our advertisers are used to buying links and articles, they've already worked directly with publishers and know the negative aspects which they don't encounter when they use RocketLinks: long negociations, no placement contract, complicated follow-up, invoicing problems, trouble managing complex campaigns, etc.

Reason #2: The advertiser might not be who you think it is

A lot of our advertisers are SEO and communication agencies working for clients. If you contact the site who's links are in the deal directly, there's a good chance you'll be contacting the wrong person and company

Generally when an advertiser cancels an offer, there has been an internal decision which has been evaluated and is final; any discussion would be useless and would just waste both the advertiser's and the publisher's time.


You've missed an offer that interests you 

If you did not see or didn't have time to read a message informing you about an offer that you'd have liked to accept, you have 2 options. You can either une the "I missed an offer" link available on most expired offers to request an identical offer, or contact our customer support who will inform the advertiser of your interest.


If in doubt, please contact our customer support. 

Please not that for these various reasons we reserve the right to close the account of any publisher who contacts any of our advertisers directly without first contacting our customer service.


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