Sponsored articles: what's the difference between pre-acceptation delay and publishing delay?

Pre-acceptation delay

This is the number of days that you give the publisher to either accept or refuse your offer. During this period (4 to 10 days) the amount of your offer is unavailable on your RocketLinks account BUT you can cancel the deal whenever you want and will be immediately refunded.

By pre-accepting an offer, a publisher agrees to write and publish the article you requested.


En pré-acceptant une offre, l'éditeur s'engage à rédiger l'article.

Delay to write, publish and validate the URL of the sponsored article 

If the publisher accepts your offer, he has to write the article within the delay that you fixed in this field (7 to 21 days), minus the time it took him to answer your offer. It's better for publishers to accept the offer rapidly as it gives them more time to write the article, and this also lets you know quickly if you need to prepare other offers.

Si l'éditeur accepte les conditions, il dispose du nombre de jours que vous avez fixé dans ce champ (7 à 21 jours), moins le temps écoulé depuis la création de l'offre. Plus l'éditeur pré-accepte tôt l'offre, plus vous êtes prévenu rapidement d'une acceptation, plus il a de temps pour rédiger son article : tout le monde est content.

For example: 

  1. You give a 7 day delay to pre-accept the offer 
  2. You give a 21 day delay to write, publish and provide the URL of the sponsored article 
  3. The publisher pre-accepts the offer 24h after it's creation 
  4. This then gives him 20 days (20-1) to write the article, publish it, and validate the URL on RocketLinks 

Important: you can no longer cancel an offer once it has been pre-accepted. 


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