How to write an editorial brief

Your editorial brief is the key to a successful sponsored article: the more indications you give the publisher regarding what you expect, the higher your chances of buying an article which meets your expectations.

Here are a few examples of indications which will help the publisher understand what you're looking for:

  • The structure of the article: as well as the minimum number of words you can also request a minimum number of paragraphs, if you want an illustration or a video for example.
  • URL's of press releases or articles which can be used as references: publishers aren't experts in every domain; if you work in a very technical field for example, it's emportant that you explain your activity to the publisher.
  • Things to mention and to avoid: there are probably specific things that you would like the publisher to mention, so let him know! If there's also something you would like him to avoid mentioning also request so.
  • Your site or the general activity: specify if the entire article should be about your site, or if you would just like it to be mentioned in a contextual article. This information is also linked to the tone of the article which will be either commercial or informative.
  • What kind of link layout: in the first and last paragraphs for example, or specifically in different paragraphs.
  • If you do not want any other links: in order to make their articles look more natural, many publisher add other outbound links to their articles. This does not impact the value of the article for you, on the contrary, but if you don't want any other links let the publisher know.
  • Double-check the html code before validating your offer: our verification tool looks for the exact html code you put in the editorial brief. Any errors can delay validation or lead to articles with broken links.
  • Specify if you want to be in a specific menu: some publishers have pre-defined categories for their sponsored articles, but whenever possible your article will be published in that category.

These are only examples of indications, and our standard briefs already contain other important instructions, but adding a few extra indications can go a long way in providing you with an article that you're happy with.


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